Feel free to browse through the various pages on the website to learn more about the facilities of the Ipswich Jets Rugby League Football Club Inc. A Club that kicked off in its present form in 1998 in the old Hotel Cecil. The club has itself in its short history seen many changes to our Facilities to improve them for our Patrons. The club is staffed by a dedicated Management group and Staffed by trained individuals, each one a specialist in their area's.

The Club has a deep history with the Hotel Cecil building going back to 1887 when the site was started as a Licensed venue.  There are many a story about the Cecil  in its heyday with the Railway Workshops just up the road.  We even have a resident ghost -We have nicknamed him Harold however after recent research by a Ghost Specialist the name may have to be changed to Hubert... . Please read the attached story, you will find it very interesting :-

If at any time you have a question about the Ipswich Jets , feel free to call 32021887 or email