Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

9.30am till 4am 10am till 4am 10am till 4am 10am till 4am 9.30am till 4am 10am till 4am 8.30am till 4am

The Jets Leagues Club Coffee Shop has a great menu of light snacks, a fantastic range of fresh cakes and pastries along with the best, freshly brewed GRINDERS coffee.

It's a great place to meet friends and catch up. One of the advantages of Ipswich's best coffee shop is that it opens when the club opens at either 8.30am on a Sunday, 9.30am on a Monday and Friday or 10am all other days and closes at 4am everyday.

Big news, we now stock limited flavours from Ungermann Brothers.  

  Earl Grey Tea Cake with Honeycomb & Lavender Ice Cream





One of the benefits of our membership is our special discount for members only.

Members discount is available to all of our members and the discount increases depending on your rating grade and you can pay by redeeming your Supersonic Reward points. Remember to present your card to be swiped when making a purchase.

To view our Coffee Shop menu click on this link.



Opening Hours

Monday 9.30am till 4am
Tuesday 10am till 4am
Wednesday 10am till 4am
Thursday 10am till 4am
Friday 9.30am till 4am
Saturday 10am till 4am
Sunday 8.30am till 4am
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