School Based Trainees

Ipswich Jets along with Club Training Australia facilitates one of the most effective School-based Traineeship programs operating in  Queensland. We currently have 4 trainees based at Ipswich Jets, in 2012 we were lucky enough to have ten.

Jets have been involved with school based training programs for five years with many more to come. Our trainees have benefited by achieving personal development, building self-confidence, learning practical skills in readiness for the work place, able to work in a safe and supervised environment, earn a wage while still at school and most importantly achieve a vocational qualification. Some of the students have been retained as staff members.

Our School Based trainees for 2017/2018

Pic 1, Courtney

Courtney is currently a student of Bremer High
Science is favourite subject,
Sport she plays- Netball,
Favourite Music is Rock,
To relax she reads,
Favourite TV show is Friends, 
Favourite food is Spaghetti Bolognaise,
Courtney has 2 brothers and 2 sisters
and for pets she has one dog and one cat...

Pic 2, Beth  

Beth is also a student of Bremer High.
Going into year 12 in 2018,
Beth loves working at Jets as she is learning new skils,
has one younger brother and one older brother.
Favourite sport - loves Basketball, 
chills out by watching TV and
has one pet -a bird named Rex.
Beths ambition is to become a Flight Attendant.

Pic3, Jamie

Jamie is a student of Ipswich State High.
Jamie loves working at Jets as she is learning new things and getting to work with great people!,
has 6 siblings
Favourite sport - loves softball
chills out by watching Movies & TV
and her favourite show Home and Away
has four pets, 2 dogs, cat and a rat.

Pic4, Lachlan


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