As most of you are aware, we had fogging done throughout the club recently by a certified company.  Put simply it’s a like a flu shot for the club.

This product is a hospital grade long-lasting surface spray sanitizer, kills 99.99% of germs and bonds to surfaces for lasting protection of up to 28 days.  BioProtect Hospital Grade Sanitiser is free of the harsh chemicals found in most disinfectants, it is proven to be Safe for humans and is environmentally conscious.  So when you come back to Jets you can be assured you are coming back to a safe clean environment. 

If you are interested below is further, detailed information on this product. 

BioProtect Hospital Grade Sanitiser

This product is a long-lasting surface sanitizer made up of the same key ingredients as the hand sanitizer that creates a ‘Nano Coating” on surfaces and has been tested to 28 days, This product is branded under several names BioProtect Hospital Grade, BioProtect surface Sanitizer, Clean & Seal in the US, but it’s all the same product. Marketing brochure for Hospital Grade and Surface Sanitizer attached

Links below to all our HGS sanitizer , we do have comprehensive data behind these products

Club Fogging Certificates





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